Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SPECIAL only for you late night blog readers!!

Hi! I am going to do a fun special for all of you up late like me!! I am always up late doing something...SO, from now until 10 am tomorrow (Wednesday, oh and that is central time) all orders will be 15% off!! All kits, add ons, individual products, everything listed in my flickr account! Also, just because I am SOO nice (haha that is what I used to say to my students when I was a teacher)! I will even do 15% Curio preorder..you still pay the $5 to preorder, but I will take 15% off the total when it ships! This is a great deal! So email me at dvnmre@yahoo.com to order!! Remember time is running out!! Get these kits while you can! Tomorrow I will be posting some product left over from my kit packing! So if you wanted any individual items from kits, check back tomorrow, especially paper! I also have Jenni Bowlin button grab bags and single color packs! Happy shopping!


  1. Well, I'm an early morning blogger, but I'm heading over to your shop now! Thanks for hanging the sale over.

  2. check out my flickr to the right of the post...there is much more posted there!!