Sunday, October 31, 2010

Design team search and other stuff!!

Happy Halloween everybody! You still have a few more hours to take part in our awesome sale! Email me at if you want to purchase anything! Don't forget your design team entries are due by midnight tomorrow! I am going to announce as soon as I can!! I will give you the exact date soon!

I did decide to do a thicker club! For every 10  packs of thickers you buy (this does not include thickers that are in a kit), you get a pack free! It will be a virtual punchcard! I made a spreadsheet to keep track...I just ordered a bunch of thickers from AC this weekend, so I will post later which styles I ordered! If you want to be a member of the thickers club, just shoot me an email to and I will add your name to the spreadsheet. If you don't let me know you want to join, I won't track your thicker purchases! 2 new kits coming very soon, I heard from my basic grey rep that my curio should be shipping TOMORROW!! Will keep you updated of course! Hope you all had a great holiday and find some time to finish those design team entries!! Be back later!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

One last reminder and Happy Halloween

HI all! Hope you are enjoying your weekends! I am enjoying my first ever Halloween with my daughter! She is too cute as a little bumblebee! Anyways, wanted to remind you the sale ends at midnight tomorrow, so pick up those items you wanted/needed! Lots on sale for low, low prices! Read the posts below for more info! Email me at to order. Also, make sure you finish up those design team entries and get them to me by midnight on Nov. 1.  I am going to try to announce as soon as I can, but there are A LOT of entries to go through! You still have time, email them to me by Monday at midnight! Also, read about the thickers and let me know! You guys truly are the best! Have a great weekend and Halloween! And pick up the Spooky kit to scrap those awesome halloween photos, only $15 on sale! Thanks all!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Hi all! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far! Don't forget to finish up those design team entries. And get your kits and other goodies before Sunday when the sale ends! So, I am finalizing an American Crafts order and am wondering what kind of thickers people like. I like pretty much every thicker! I am definitely getting the new polka dot glitter ones and the new fabric ones...What else do you all like? Any requests on ones you want to buy?? Anyone interested in ordering any thickers? Here are 3 styles that I am liking, I love the fancy font!

 I love the puffy ones, and I love these tall skinny letters!
Let me know what you like!  I am also thinking of starting a thicker club here at Catch the Moments. Like a punchcard (virtual punchcard) where you buy so many thickers, get one free, or something! Something fun like that. Basically an excuse for me to order more thickers! Let me know your thoughts, requests, ideas! And seriously, don't forget sale and design team entries! Happy weekend all! Try to get some scrapping in!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quick sale update


Hi all! Just a quick update on the sale...Thanks for all the orders! Remember you have until Sunday to get the
sale price! I am adding one more item to the great sale! Look at the post below for all the deals but I am adding

*All Dear Lizzy Christmas Embellishments (details, remarks stickers, and brads) for $3.25 eachThis is a great can view them here dear lizzy christmas I also have the matching paper on sale too! So check it out, these are great for Christmas layouts and would match any christmas line or would be beautiful on Christmas cards! Also the Remarks book that matches this line...which is fabulous, it has great stickers, journaling, borders, so much, on sale for $4.

*Dear Lizzy Enchanted Sale...Assorted brads, flower remarks, butterfly remarks, on sale for $3.25 each...they retail for $4 each, great savings.

*Let's add some Basic Grey to the sale! Both sets of Bloomers that I have (Olivia and Jovial), the Jovial buttons, and the Olivia stitched brads  on sale for $4. Also either Doilie (Olivia or Jovial) on sale for $2.50. These are awesome bargains! Check them out sale items  
Check out all the other items at great prices!Thanks soon! Email me at to order anything! I am going to try to add a shopping cart to this blog this weekend! This is definitely the biggest sale we will have, so if you are looking at anything snag it up! Just send me an email! Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A few layouts!!

Hi all! Hope you are having a great night! Thanks again for all the love and support! And thanks for those of you who have made some sale orders! You are getting great deals! The sale goes until Sunday, so look around! Thanks for all of you for checking out my challenge blog also!  I am really hoping to get to 100 followers, so if you aren't a follower yet.....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! haha

Anyways, I made some layouts with the retro and wonderland kit the other night. Since so many of you have sent me your layouts to look at, I thought I should give you something to look at also!

 Made with the Wonderland kit and add-ons!

 Made with the Retro kit!

 Made with the Retro kit and Wonderland add on! I used the Dear Lizzy tickets on every layout! I love those! I have those for sale by the package also!! It comes with about a million tickets! Hope you enjoy! Remember the sale goes till Sunday, get those design team entries in, check out the challenge blog, and become a follower! Happy scrapping!! (and shopping) And sorry for the terrible is late and I am tired!

Anyone have a little boy??

Brand new Echo Park Little boy collection! Check it out! Email me at if you are interested in ordering the collection should be shipping soon! I will sell collection packs for $12, they retail for $14....I don't have a boy, so for once I am not interested in something from Echo Park...but let me know if you are, and if there is enough interest, I will order and get  your this at a savings!! After all, I aim to please!! It does look darling! Let me know!! You can pay when it comes in! Thanks all!And as always, I will try to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest releases!


**EDITED TO ADD EVEN MORE SALE ITEMS!!! Okay I added a couple more sales below! Check them out and email if interested in anything**

HI all! In celebration of Halloween,  I am having a REALLY BIG sale! Before I give you the sale details, a few other things! First, THANKS SO MUCH to all my followers, supporters, and customers! You guys are the best, thanks for the wonderful comments, messages, and feedback. I really appreciate it!

Secondly, I am going to become  YOUR place to get thickers. Let's be honest, I'm obsessed with thickers, and who isn't?!?! I am placing an order with AC today, to get a lot of thickers: the new glitter polka dot ones from the posts below, the brand new fabric chipboard ones, and some other fun ones from Dear Lizzy enchanted...let me know if you are interested in a particular always, I will be selling all thickers for 15% MSRP ALL THE TIME! So make Catch the Moments, your place for thickers!

Now to the sale! Starting right now, until midnight on Sunday, I am having a HUGE sale...Here are the details.

*All kits $15, this is the lowest price kits will ever be, so get your Wonderland, Spooky, Festive, Retro, Jolly, or Joyful kits now for $15..this is the lowest price kits will ever be! You can also prepay for the Love and Vintage kits and get them for $15! For $15, you are getting a great deal on these products! Perfect time to snag that Halloween kit!

* All Jenni Bowlin vintage sew on buttons packs or grab bags are $4! Great deal!

*Echo Park wintertime kits $12.50

* All single sheets of paper $0.50!! This is basically wholesale price!! Check the links sale and more for sell to check out the single sheets and other items! This is a great way to pick up some Basic grey, American Crafts, Crate paper, or Echo Park paper! 

* All add-ons both wonderland and the festive add on, on sale for $6...check my flickr to the right for photos, these are great deals!

* Jenni Bowlin vellum butterflies (brown or yellow) on sale for $3.25! This is a great deal as the retail for $4!!

Check them out!! Also, don't forget to check out the post below with my flickr for sale accounts, there may be items there you want to snag as well! Happy shopping!! Email me at to order, make sure you put BLOG SALE in the subject line, so I know you are a blog reader!!

And don't forget to get those design team entries in this weekend! And check out the challenge blog (post below) and become a follower! It will be a great way to use those kits!! If you entered the design team contest for Catch the Moments and would like to be considered for Scrap the Moments Challenge blog as well, let me know, and you can use the same entry! Thanks all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Challenge Blog

Guess what?!?! I decided to add one more thing to my plate!! I decided to launch a challenge blog! It is going to be so much fun!! And of course, I need designers there too!! Check it out Scrap the Moments become a follower! I am so excited! I can't wait to get my designers and get this challenge site going!! Thanks all! And look for a BIG sale coming tomorrow!

Vintage kit

Okay...I PROMISE to post some layouts tonight, somehow I am having the busiest few days of my life!! So I am doing a couple preorders soon....I actually changed my policy, I am not going to require a deposit to preorder, mainly because I don't want to pay double paypal fees! Just email if you want to preorder anything and I will add you to the list and let you know when it comes in. So, right now for preorder I have the love kit (below) featuring AC love line, some sassafrass, and thickers, of course. I am also doing a preorder for these thickers

These are the glitter polka dot thickers...I am ordering them in pink, red, and teal, so let me know if you want to order a set, you do not have to pay ANYTHING until they come in, should be just a couple weeks! Okay so you have the thickers and the love kit, now introducing the VINTAGE kit. This kit will be available around mid Nov, so email me at if you want to reserve is a mix of AC Classics and BG curio...Check it out!

Okay, so you get the 7 papers in the pictures above (from basic grey curio and american crafts classics) so Beautiful!! A pack of brand new fabric thickers, 1/3 pack of Curio buttons, and 1/3 pack of curio stitched brads. I may add an add-on to this kit because there are so many amazing products that would match. But for now, if you are interested in reserving a vintage kit, email me and let me know! I will hold one for you. So look into the vintage kit, the love kit, and the thickers. Also, check out the kits already in stock and everything in the sale post! Lots going on!! Email me to order or reserve anything! AND last, don't forget to get those design team entries in by Nov 1! Thanks all!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

SALE!! Lots of stuff for sale!

Hi all! I went ahead and posted on my flickr all the individual paper sheets and left over embellishments from kits, in case anyone is interested in individual items, and not the whole kit. I put up a lot of paper, it is all 0.60  per sheet, which is a great deal since it all retails for between 0.80 and 0.99! So snag some paper from American crafts, basic grey, crate paper, and other brands! I also have a lot of embellishments posted, all for at least 10% below retail price! Some great deals! I also posted A LOT of american crafts ribbons and items left from my garage sale in my flickr accounts! Take a look! If you are interested in anything, email me at! Don't forget to check out all the kits for sale!! And you have  1 week to get those design team entries in! Can't wait to see what else I get!! I will post some layouts later tonight, right now my daughter is having a meltdown, so I need to go!! Talk soon! Check out the links and let me know if anything catches your eye!! sale items
even more

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Kit---New Personal Favorite!

Hi all! Hope you are having a great weekend! I put together another kit tonight...This was is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen! It is the Love Kit! Here is what you get....
Paper: American Crafts can't get enough,  take a chance, all you need, must have been love, all that matters, can't help falling in love, and lasting--beautiful pictures below

Embellishments- Sassafras 1 teal vintage brooch (gorgeous), 1/2 pack of American Crafts Delights paper flowers, and a pack of teal chipboard thickers

I posted a few pictures below...this kit could be my favorite yet! Let me know if you want to preorder..I have a feeling this one will be popular! This AC paper is to die for! Preorder now for no fee! $18 to be paid when it ships! Email me at to order! Also, let me know what you think...I will be posting a lot tomorrow, including a HUGE paper sale and some other information. Don't forget to get your design team submissions in! SO many great entries so far! So check out the pictures for the love kit below and let me know what you think and if you want to preorder! Thanks all, have a great Sunday!

Hope you like this! I will be adding an add on to the kit tomorrow, still trying to decide what to put in it! This truly is beautiful, I mean those Sass brooches are AMAZING in real life! Will be shipping very soon! I will also be posting some layouts I did last night with the Wonderland and Retro kits! Thanks all!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Festive Kit and Add On

Festive has to be one of my favorite kits (and the best selling!) It is all basic grey jovial, but since I split of the packaging, you get SO much more variety than if you bought it all seperate! This is gorgeous! You get 7 sheets of Jovial double-sided paper (scarf, nice, merry maker, coal, crushed velvet, blizzard, snowball fight), you also get the mini mark alphabet, the sticker elements sheets, 22 buttons, and 1/2 pack of the jovial pieces. These are great little journaling cards and accents. Love this! Perfect for christmas pages! $18 Email me at to order....and you have to check out the add on. You get the Jovial Dolie, which by the way is one of the most beautiful sheets of paper EVER! Plus 12 inches of red velvet American crafts ribbon that matches beautifully, and 12 glazed brads! For $7, what a great deal! The Dolie retails for $3 by itself!! So check it out and let me know what you think! More coming!!


Okay! The winner of the contest is.....Gabi Watson, by A LOT! Thanks Gabi, you had a ton of hits onto our blog!! You win $10 off your next purchase of $25 or more!! Second place is...Nancy aka Homesclscrapper! You win a free pack of thickers with your next order! I have a class tomorrow and a trunk show in Chicago! If you live near Chicago, you should come!! Email me for address! So, I will be back later to post more information, more pictures, more kits, and some layouts! I may even have a little sale coming up!! Thanks again for all of you who posted on your blog! Also, don't forget you have a little over a week to get those design team entries in!! Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



So, I have decided to do a little contest! I need you to help me get the word out about Catch the Moments kits...what better way than to have a contest! Here is what you do, post a link to CTMK on your blog, facebook page, where ever you can! The person who gets the most people to view my webpage will win!! Blogger tells me where each view comes from, so I can track how many people viewed our site from your blog!! Help me spread the word about our awesome kits! The winner will get a $10 gift certificate good towards any $25 purchase (this could be used on preorders too!!) I will also do a runner up! They will receive a free brand new release thicker with their next purchase! Good luck guys and get the word out there!! Make sure to post on your blog/facebook page for your friends to become a follower of our blog! You guys truly are the best!! Contest runs for the next 24 hours, so until 1030 central time Thursday!

American Crafts New Classics

Thanks so much for all the late night orders!! Things to look forward to this week....I am going to start a gallery of pages that I have made with CTM kits..if you have a page you made with one of our kits, email it to me and I will add it to the gallery! Keep those design team submissions coming is going to be SO hard to decide. On another note, I got an email from American Crafts this morning that they are putting out a new line called Classics. It is interesting, I am thinking about ordering some of it...I want your opinions...would any of you be interested in ordering, the things I was looking at are (of course) the beautiful new fabric thickers, some of the paper and the just write...the ribbon pics aren't up yet! Email me and let me know what you think. I may put a preorder together for some of the thickers at give a discount to those that preorder!!! I am also going to order the glitter thickers from a few posts ago, so let me know if you are interested in any of those! Okay here are some images..

Let me know what you think! Email me if you might be interested in doing a preorder for this (and those other glitter thickers). It looks like it is shipping very soon! I'm thinking for a preorder, and since this isn't really a kit, just a really beautiful line...I will be selling all products at 10% off MSRP! Let me know what you think! And remember, I will always keep you up to date on brand new products coming out!!Email me your opinions! This really is beautiful! I will try to post some paper close ups if I can!! Thanks all! Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SPECIAL only for you late night blog readers!!

Hi! I am going to do a fun special for all of you up late like me!! I am always up late doing something...SO, from now until 10 am tomorrow (Wednesday, oh and that is central time) all orders will be 15% off!! All kits, add ons, individual products, everything listed in my flickr account! Also, just because I am SOO nice (haha that is what I used to say to my students when I was a teacher)! I will even do 15% Curio still pay the $5 to preorder, but I will take 15% off the total when it ships! This is a great deal! So email me at to order!! Remember time is running out!! Get these kits while you can! Tomorrow I will be posting some product left over from my kit packing! So if you wanted any individual items from kits, check back tomorrow, especially paper! I also have Jenni Bowlin button grab bags and single color packs! Happy shopping!


A couple new kits and add-on's for you tonight! If you are interested in anything, let me know soon! Saturday I am having a trunk show in Chicago and I only have a few left of some of the kits! So if you are waiting to buy, don't wait any longer! You can email at to order..there are additional pictures in my flickr! First up, I had to add another add on to the Wonderland kit, and this one is an amazing deal!!! You get 12 inches of each of the 4 Enchanted ribbons, 1/2 pack of the 3D remarks flower stickers, 3 beautiful rose brads (these are UNBELIEVABLE in real life), and 1/2 pack of the Enchanted details! This is too good to pass up for only $7!!

Next up is SPOOKY, my gorgeous Halloween kit! I updated this one because I got these awesome sticker elements in the mail today!! AMAZING! Get this one while you can, it is great for those Halloween pics you are going to take in a few weeks!
You get: 4 Jenni Bowlin black vintage sew on buttons
AC fancy black glitter foam thickers
Echo park Halloween sticker elements
Paper: Costume Party (2), Magic Stripes, Spooky dots (2), Bat festival, Jack o'lantern
This is great!!

I also updated my Joyful kit today! Here is what you get...1/2 pack of AC love details, Crate paper snow day border stickers, Sassafrass turquoise glitter alpha, 1/2 pack of Crate Paper Snow day brads
Paper: Crate Paper Candy, Flakes, Melt, Sparkle and Echo Park Bright stripes, scallop stripes, and trim the tree...all this for $18

I also added a real life pic of the Sass flowers, they are so gorgeous! Remember I am willing to split packages for you if you want one of each color or some combo! Thanks all for the orders and the comments! Remember if you are thinking about it quick as I am expecting ALOT of people Saturday at my trunk show! Plus, I am teaching a class in Chicago Sunday and selling kits there too! Also, let me know if you want the Curio preorder, a lot of you emailed get them while you can! Keep in mind, once these kits sell out I won't be get them now!! Let me know if you have questions! I will be posting these in etsy later, but for now email me if you want to order!! Keep those design team submissions coming too! Thanks all, you guys are the best!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

New, New Stuff, and More News!!!

EDIT-I TOTALLY FORGOT ONE IMPORTANT THING! I am starting an email list, I know that seems scary, but I PROMISE I won't email you often, probably once or twice a month! I will be emailing when there is a new kit or sometimes I will give special deals to those on my list! So email me at if you want to be added to the Catch the Moments Kits email list! Again I promise I won't flood your inboxes!

OMG! Thank you for all of you who became followers!! I love you all! I reached my goal in under 24 hours!! We still need more followers though! And become a facebook fan if you haven't! Let's get Catch the Moments Kits out there!! Ok, now the fun team news and new stuff!! Okay so today I got these in...

OMG! They are beautiful! They are like hard acrylic...just gorgeous! I haven't posted them on etsy yet, but if you want some, email me at! They are $4.50 a pack, but I would be more than happy to cut the pack in half if you only wanted one, or wanted multiple colors, for example 1 yellow, 1 pink, 1 teal or whatever!! I aim to please!! They are just to amazing to pass up!! Other new items news...Basic Grey Curio kit. I am doing a preorder for can preorder one for a $5 deposit and I will charge you the rest ($13) when it comes in! I am not going to post pics of every item, but you can see them all here...Curio pictures The kit includes

Curio buttons (1/3 pack)
2 Curio bloomers
3 Curio fabric brads
Curio mini monogram alpha
And the following papers...
Pinking Shears (2 sheets) The front and back were both beautiful!
Needle lace
General store

If interested, email me at to preorder for a $5 deposit, should be in VERY soon!

Ok,  on to the design team news! Thanks so much for the tons of submissions! It is going to be so hard to choose...I haven't decided exactly how many I am picking yet! Although, I have decided to also do a monthly design challenge, as well as the regular design team. I wanted to answer some questions I have been getting! The design team will be for 6 months, then we will have another design team call. I will take hybrid entries and international entries! I will be deciding by November 8, at the latest...and will post the exact date when I decide! Keep emailing me entries to!! Make sure to check out the Sassafrass flowers and the Curio kit! Thanks everyone! Sorry for the REALLY long post! Keep becoming followers too!
AND check back tomorrow evening as I am posting 4 NEW kits!! They are beautiful! And don't forget to go to the Catch the Moments shop Catch the Moments shop

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Become a Follower of Catch the Moments Kits

Become a follower of this blog! I would LOVE to get up to 50 followers in the next few days! Check out the design team search post below, and if you live in Chicago..the sale post! Also, share us on facebook! Let's get the word out there!! This week will be exciting as I am getting huge shipments in from american crafts, sassafrass, crate paper, basic grey, echo park, and more! I can't wait to post the new kit photos! Don't forget to go to the Catch the Moments Kits etsy shop and buy some kits! Or email me at to purchase!! Thanks all~ and thanks for all the wonderful design team entries I have gotten so far...I can't wait to get some more!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Design Team Search

EDIT: ENTRY IS DUE  NOV 1, I want to give my team time before the sketchy thursdays feature!

Hi all! It is time for me to start looking for my design team! I am so excited! I will have all my kit pictures up by Wednesday, when the rest of the stock comes in, but I want to start the search! My kits are great because they are affordable, made from the latest and greatest products, and put many lines together so you don't have too! I will be looking for a few designers to showcase my beautiful kits. We are being featured on sketchy thursdays blog at the beginning of January, so I want to have a lot of work on the blog to showcase our kits! This is a great way to get your name into the scrapping community! Deadline is Novemeber 1.

Discounts on all purchases
Getting publicity, your name will be out there is the scrapbooking world
Opportunities to go to CHA and help plan future kits

Design 3 pages a month to go on website made with Catch the Moments Kits products
Write one blog entry every  week
Link Catch the Moments Kits to your blog (if you have one) and showcase new kits on your blog
Be a positive supporter of Catch the Moments Kits

To apply
Email me at with the following
3 current layouts using any products
A link to your blog (if you have one)
A link to your online gallery
Some basic information about yourself, why you like to scrap, what types of products you like, anything you want to be considered!

Email me with questions and with your submissions, remember due Nov 1. I will get products to the design team right away so we will be ready for Sketchy Thursdays! Thanks all I look forward to seeing your work!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am having a HUGE trunk/scrappy garage sale in Chicago on Oct 23. If you live in the area, email me at! I will give you information! Brand new releases from top lines! Lots of deals and hundreds of products! Here are some examples of things I will be selling

All Catch the Moments Kits
Patterned Paper grab bags
Echo Park Halloween and Wintertime
Basic grey grab bags
Jenni Bowlin butterflies, stickers, paper, chipboard, journaling blocks, buttons
Crate paper snow date and restoration
Sassafrass brand new vintage brooches (arriving Tuesday I can't wait to see them)
alphabet grab bags
american crafts dear lizzy

And so so so much more! Email me for address!


Oh My! Some of the cutest thickers ever being released VERY SOON! You can't see the detail! But they are GLITTER POLKA DOTS! I will be ordering red, teal, and pink let me know if interested! The MSRP is $5, but get them from me for $4.50! Email me at if interested!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lot of new Jenni Bowlin

Lots and lots of Jenni Bowlin came in today! I can't wait till next week, getting shipments from AC, basic grey, echo park, crate paper, and sassafrass! Check out the awesome Jenni Bowlin. Email me at if interested in anything! Vellum butterflies are $3.85, chipboard butterflies are $3.50, butterfly stickers are $1.75 and vintage sew on buttons are $4.75 for 12, you pick 3 colors! Thanks all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jolly kit-Christmas Scrapbooking

This beautiful kit features Dear Lizzy Christmas...I love this vintage Christmas line! For $18 here is what you get

AC-happiest holiday
AC-merry memories-varnished paper
AC-Bright Boughs
AC-Twinkling Tree
AC-Sparkling season
Echo Park-Bright stripes
Echo Park- Trim the tree

AC-Dear lizzy rose brads-3
AC-2 holly leave 3d stickers (glitter, felt, etc) 1 green 1 silver glitter
AC-1/2 pack of poinsetta flowers
AC-merry thicker in teal
AC-assorted brads- 1 glitter, 1 holly leaf, 1 pearl

This is perfect for scrapping christmas photos! Email me at to order

These rose brads are AMAZING!