Monday, October 18, 2010

New, New Stuff, and More News!!!

EDIT-I TOTALLY FORGOT ONE IMPORTANT THING! I am starting an email list, I know that seems scary, but I PROMISE I won't email you often, probably once or twice a month! I will be emailing when there is a new kit or sometimes I will give special deals to those on my list! So email me at if you want to be added to the Catch the Moments Kits email list! Again I promise I won't flood your inboxes!

OMG! Thank you for all of you who became followers!! I love you all! I reached my goal in under 24 hours!! We still need more followers though! And become a facebook fan if you haven't! Let's get Catch the Moments Kits out there!! Ok, now the fun team news and new stuff!! Okay so today I got these in...

OMG! They are beautiful! They are like hard acrylic...just gorgeous! I haven't posted them on etsy yet, but if you want some, email me at! They are $4.50 a pack, but I would be more than happy to cut the pack in half if you only wanted one, or wanted multiple colors, for example 1 yellow, 1 pink, 1 teal or whatever!! I aim to please!! They are just to amazing to pass up!! Other new items news...Basic Grey Curio kit. I am doing a preorder for can preorder one for a $5 deposit and I will charge you the rest ($13) when it comes in! I am not going to post pics of every item, but you can see them all here...Curio pictures The kit includes

Curio buttons (1/3 pack)
2 Curio bloomers
3 Curio fabric brads
Curio mini monogram alpha
And the following papers...
Pinking Shears (2 sheets) The front and back were both beautiful!
Needle lace
General store

If interested, email me at to preorder for a $5 deposit, should be in VERY soon!

Ok,  on to the design team news! Thanks so much for the tons of submissions! It is going to be so hard to choose...I haven't decided exactly how many I am picking yet! Although, I have decided to also do a monthly design challenge, as well as the regular design team. I wanted to answer some questions I have been getting! The design team will be for 6 months, then we will have another design team call. I will take hybrid entries and international entries! I will be deciding by November 8, at the latest...and will post the exact date when I decide! Keep emailing me entries to!! Make sure to check out the Sassafrass flowers and the Curio kit! Thanks everyone! Sorry for the REALLY long post! Keep becoming followers too!
AND check back tomorrow evening as I am posting 4 NEW kits!! They are beautiful! And don't forget to go to the Catch the Moments shop Catch the Moments shop


  1. super cute new flowers. i can't find you on facebook. could you link?

  2. Werid a couple people have said that?!?! If you search for catch the moments kits, you should find it, I is the link

  3. Since I'm really enjoying looking at your kits (even getting the "want" to snag one or two, I'll have to go looking for you on Facebook now.

    I'm still tempted to submit for your design team; even moreso now that you've answered a few of my questions. Thank you.