Wednesday, November 10, 2010


**Edit-When you look at the flickr set to the right to see all items, they are all mixed up, but if you click on the sets, it is better organized! Don't forget to email orders to, the Vintage kit is going fast**

Hi all! Hope you are having a good week! Lots of goodies came in today! Some unexpected surprises! First, the vintage kit is ready to go! I had no idea the AC Classics was shipping! And can I say, it is GORGEOUS! I am very upset that I only got 2 sheets of patterned paper from that line. And it matches the Curio so beautifully, this kit is to die for. So in the Vintage kit, you get all the items listed in the vintage kit post, 5 sheets of Curio paper, 2 sheets of AC Classics paper, BRAND NEW printed fabric thickers (I was curious about these and they are AMAZING and match so well), 3 Curio fabric brads, and 2 Curio bloomers, all for $18! This is also available without the thickers for $14. I only have 5 left with thickers after I ship out all the preorders! So get them quick!

You really can't tell from the pics how gorgeous this kit is! Extras for this kit include the Curio doilie, which is fabulous, and the Curio buttons. The Doilie is $2.50 and the buttons can be purchased as a whole pack for $4.50 or 1/3 pack (about 25 buttons) for $1.75. So if you want just a few, you can get them that way too! Also, the dear lizzy christmas ribbon came and is unbelievable...the bling in the middle of the teal rose ribbon is so pretty. There is a new add on for the jolly kit which includes the Remarks sticker book, which has a ton of journaling, border, and cute stickers, and 12 inches of each of the 3 ribbon. The ribbon is also available as a pack for $4.50 or 12 inches of each of the 3 designs for $1.75! So great for christmas

And those beautiful Dear Lizzy christmas rose brads came back in stock! So pretty! You can't see the beautiful pearl center to this in this photo!
Now on to the thickers! Lots came into today. You can view pictures of them and other items in the flickr account to the right. I also organized everything by subject inside the flickr stream, so you can check out everything! A few of the thickers that came were the glitter polka dots, I only have 4 of each of these colors get them quick! You can see everything for sell in the flickr set, just email me at to order...and remember I am taking everything with me to try to sell this weekend at a few events, so if you want something work fast! Tomorrow I will be starting the design team introductions. Tonight, I am going to try to find time to play with the Vintage kit and hopefully show you some layouts tomorrow, or Friday! Have a good night all! I will leave you with some thicker goodness..don't forget to check out the flickr and order some goodies!!

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