Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sale Post #1

A little early, but that's okay! So, let me remind you of how this works...Throughout the day there will be 10 sale posts. Only the most recent post is current. For example, once I post sale post #2, sale post #1 is over. So only one sale is going on at a time. Feel free to order as many times as you want...I will not get you a total until after the sale is over, that way if you want to take advantage of multiple posts you can...Remember to check back often! I will try my hardest to keep the flickr pictures up to check it out to see photos of what is on sale...Flickr link is to the right of this post! To order email me at Prices do not include for our first post.......

All kits $13, that's right Retro, Wonderland, Festive, Spooky, Jolly, Joyful and even the brand new Vintage kit, for only $13..that's $5 off regular price! What a deal! A couple special kits, Retro is available for $11 without the butterflies, and Vintage is available for $10 without the thickers!This is the cheapest kits have ever and will ever be! So take advantage! Here's a photo of the new vintage kit and one of the Wonderland kit! See the flickr set for details on each kit! Great deals!

Also, all add-ons are $5...this is to good to be true...check out the Festive, Jolly, and both Wonderland add-ons for $5. In the Jolly add-on, the remarks book retails for $5, so it is like getting the ribbon for free! Amazing deals! So check out the kits section on our flickr account and email me at if you want to order any of the kits or add-ons! This is only good until I post a new sale, so get on it! Be back later with post #2! Well, whenever I wake up!! Good night all and order up some kits and add-ons! You can order a kit and an add-on for the regular price of a is like getting an add-on for free! Love it! Here are Wonderland Add On #1 and the Jolly add-on, descriptions in the flickr set..

A couple other items that will be on sale ALL DAY..just a few grab bag type things..First up, a basic grey button grab bag, for $2, you will get about 35-45 various BG buttons from lines such as Green at Heart, Jovial, Oliver, Olivia, Kioshi and and many more..a great is a sample

I also have Journaling grab bags for $2.50, you get 30 or more various journaling blocks. Brands include Jenni Bowlin, American Crafts, KI Memories, Elle's Studio and much more. I also have ribbon grab bags for $2 you get 20 various 12 inch pieces of ribbon from top brands like American Crafts, Love Elise, KI Memories and much more! So feel free to order any of these 3 items throughout the day! Don't forget email to order! Thanks again!

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