Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay, so we all should be excited about Basic Grey is one of the prettiest lines I have ever seen. I can't stop looking at the gorgeous paper. The vintage kit will be available Wednesday, when my box from AC can see in the Vintage kit post what comes in it..just to clarify, because I was very confusing, the Vintage kit includes Curio and American Crafts Classics. There is not a Curio kit, I know I made it sound like that...sorry, but the vintage kit includes a lot of Curio and it matches beautifully with the AC! There are also a couple extra items you can purchase...The Curio Doilie, which I have to say is one of the prettiest things I have every seen, I think I want all 25 of them myself!! You can also get the Curio bloomers. So if you want the vintage kit, the curio doilie, or the curio bloomers....or all of it, let me know!  I also have full packs of the buttons and fabric brads! I have had a couple requests to get the kit, but add on a full pack of buttons, not just the partial that comes with the kit. I am definitely willing to customize, so let me know what you want! Just email me at And this kit is going fast, I have gotten more requests for this, than will ship out Thursday of next week! It is $18, it is also available without the thickers for $14..Remember to check out the vintage kit post for complete details, and this is one of the most gorgeous papers I have ever seen, it is in the vintage kit!Also, check out the flickr to the right for more items for sale! Have a great weekend!

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