Thursday, November 25, 2010

BIG Sale Going on Now!

Hi all! Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget our really BIG sale going on all weekend...Don't forget to email me at to order. You don't want to miss out on these sales! Here are some of the great deals you can get...

*All patterned paper 45 cents
*Chipboard thickers $4
*Foam thickers $3.25
*Flower Remarks, Butterfly Remarks, and Enchanted details 3.25
*Just Write 1.50 for one of each design (about 30 tickets) these are so great!
*City park and Enchanted brads $3 or one of each design for $1
*Enchanted ribbon $3.50 or 1.50 for 12 inches of each design
*Also, I have 1/3 pack of Dear Lizzy Enchanted rose brads left (1 of each color) for $1
*Doilies--Olivia or Curio (yes, brand new Curio) for $2.
*Buttons-3.75 or 1/3 pack for 1.50
*Fabric brads-3.75
*Dear Lizzy packs of ribbon--3.25 you get 12 inches each of 2 different designs!
*Fall, Christmas, Love, or Spring packs of ribbon-75 get 12 inches each of 6 designs..great for cards or lo's
*Any roll of the above ribbons- 4 yards for 75 cents--see pics in flickr, if you like one design, maybe for christmas cards, this is a great way to get a lot of ribbon for super cheap!
* Dear Lizzy Christmas assorted brads-$3 or you can get one of each design (holly, green glitter, pearl) for $1 if you just want to try them out, but don't want  a whole pack!

* Dear Lizzy rose brads...okay these are gorgeous, beautiful metal brads with pearl centers...these are great for any project...I hoarded a bunch of these for myself! I've sold out of these and reordered twice! They are too amazing! $2.75 (yes, $2.75) for the pack or 3 for $1
*Christmas Details (holly leaves) or Remarks (poinsettas) $3 great price! These are both gorgeous and both embellished with glitter and buttons to add some dimension! Love them!
*Remarks book $3.50, retails for $5! Tons of pages of great stickers, journaling blocks, borders, and much more! Great bargain!
*Rose Ribbon-Christmas packs...Teal pack or red pack...$3.50 or get 12 inches of each design in either pack for $1.50...this is a great way to pick up a lot of ribbon..make sure to specify which color pack you want!
*Bits tags--these are so cute! Perfect for projects..I absolutely love the patterns and the styles-$3.50 or 1/2 pack for $2
*Sassafras Brooches-A complete pack for $3.50-great price!
*1 brooch for $2 (1/2 pack)
*All vintage sew on button packs by Jenni Bowlin $3.75, this is a great price, black, pink, orange, green, white, or yellow!
*1/2 packs of JB vintage sew on buttons on sale for $2, this allows you to mix and get an assortment of colors if you want! 6 buttons total!
*Vellum butterflies in brown or yellow $3 Amazing deal!
*Chipboard butterfly packs $2.50, or you can get 6 of the butterflies for 75 cents!!!
*Butterfly stickers (to use with or without the chipboard) in pink or black $1.25
* All kits $13
*All add-ons $5

So, sorry for the LONG post! Some rally great deals...check out the pictures in the flickr photostream to the right and then email me your order! Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

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