Thursday, November 18, 2010

About ME---Again

So after reading all the bios, I realized my was really boring and I decided to give you more! I'm sure you're all thrilled! :) Here are 10 random facts about me...this looks like a good layout idea!

1. I love Ingrid Michaelson and Mindy Gledhill..I love dancing and singing their music with Emma. She LOVES the song All the Pennies by Mindy Gledhill. If she is grumpy, I sing it and she laughs and laughs!

2. I love Chicago summers, especially Cubs games. We go to A LOT of cubs games, but I despise Chicago winters, and wonder every year (right about now), why I live here!

3. I am obsessed with Christmas...really obsessed. For instance, I have been listening to the all Christmas, all the time radio station in my car for 2 weeks already.

4. In other things I am obsessed with, Paris. I have been 3 times, and think about it every day! Not joking! I took many years of French and pretty much love anything anyway related to Paris, or France! Especially the Eiffel tower! The first thing I bought Emma, was an Eiffel Tower keychain last Christmas when I was in Paris, and I have a matching one!

5. I have a thicker obsession! My DH hates thickers (well, the money I have spent on them). I have about 100 packs!

6. I was a school teacher in the city until about 2 months ago. When I went back from maternity leave, I lasted 3 weeks, and then couldn't handle being away from Emma. Or I couldn't handle the out of control kids, not sure which!

7. I have 2 fur babies. A dog, Wrigley (did I mention I love the Cubs) and a cat, Illini ( me and DH both went to University of Illinois!

8. I have 2 expensive Master's degrees and an expensive bachelor's degree...and don't use any of them! OOPS!

9. I am obsessed with a Chicago restaurant, called Mayan Palace..I mean it is crazy! They know me and DH and my order! I literally call for take out and say, "This is Devon," and they know what I want! Pathetic...Yes!

10. I simply love being a mother and am ready to be pregnant again! Everyday with Emma makes me want to have more and more babies..DH and I are so crazy about her, it is insane..I had no idea. He thinks I just want to be pregnant so I can go back in the hospital! I really loved being in the hospital after my C-section! I don't know why, but every time I drive past my hospital, I wish I was in it!

Now you know a little more about me..and how strange I am! Check back around midnight for the first sale post, and it is going to be BIG!


  1. Haha it was funny reading these because it felt like I was reading a reflection of myself:

    1. I love Ingrid Michaelson too! Great stuff.
    3. I am completely obsessed with Xmas too. Got my shopping done over the summer, looking forward to Black Friday, and I've been listening to Xmas music since Nov. 1st.
    4. I've never been to Paris, but I am aching to go. I took 4 years of French, and I love everything. I was meant to be a European.
    5. I'm obsessed with Thickers. It was the first product I ever purchased (besides papers and adhesive)... I have 100+ Thickers too. Luckily my hubby has no idea what I've spent on Thickers over the last year :P
    8. I'm finishing up my Bachelor's degree. Then I'm going to Nursing school and working on a Masters while I'm Nursing. I just don't know what I'd do if I wasn't in school in my free time.
    9. Sadly we are the same way. There are a few restaurants that I frequent when I call in they know how I am without even saying my name. It is sad, but it makes for great service :)
    10. I never knew how much I would love motherhood. It is one of the most fulfilling things in life. I can't wait for the next one. I yearn for it, but I know I have to be patient. Get done with my nursing program first. It took us 2 years to conceive Harper, so we know it will take us a while for the next baby :)

  2. super fun. so funny reading these. I have a few degrees as well that are of absolutely no use. lol

  3. Love learning more about the real you! I actually didn't mind being in the hospital after having my babies either. It's one of the few times that I have ever gotten to take a break and have someone take care of ME!

  4. Love learning about you! I was the same way after my c section with my second one. I want to go back and get the special treatment. lol I also have expensives degrees I'm not using right now. too many reasons of why not. I love my kids as well and wanting to have another one. they're make my day. Sorry I don't have any thickers in my scraproom. I know I know how shocking can't afford them so i used my cricut for letters

  5. You are so cute!

    I agree with you about the baby thing. Mine is about 7 months older than yours and everyday is an adventure. Id so much rather be at home with her than using my expensive degree too. Its about choice! Im all for women doing whatever they want... degree or not.

    Im also obsessed with Christmas... I want to start decorating NOW. I cant wait til Aubrey sees all the lights and stuff. She was too tiny last year to really get it.

    and I also have around 100 packs of thickers (i think... i dont count to protect myself from really knowing how bad the obsession is. I dont have any new styles and its killing me