Friday, November 19, 2010

Sale post #7

So many great deals so far! And this one is awesome! On sale now...AMERICAN CRAFTS RIBBON

*Dear Lizzy packs--3.25 you get 12 inches each of 2 different designs!
*Fall, Christmas, Love, or Spring packs-75 get 12 inches each of 6 designs..great for cards or lo's
*Any roll of the above ribbons- 4 yards for 75 cents--see pics in flickr, if you like one design, maybe for christmas cards, this is a great way to get a lot of ribbon for super cheap!

So, as usual, check the flickr-american crafts section and ribbon section to see pics and email to order! Be back for post #8 later! And don't forget to check out the beautiful pink rose ribbon, pom ribbons, and gorgeous lace while your in the ribbon section! These specialty ribbons are super cute and super cheap! And if you haven't seen the new basic grey line, Hopscotch, I'll post some images soon! So check back!

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