Sunday, January 2, 2011

Special Promotions!

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the new shop and forum!! I posted a great challenge for 2011 over at the forum, check it out!! So, if you aren't a fan of our facebook page, you should be!! LOL! I am doing a special promotion. On Friday, I will email everyone who is a facebook fan a coupon code for our etsy shop! Everyone who registers for our forum by Friday will also get a coupon code!! So go on over and check them out!! Links over on the left side of the blog!!

We also have a couple other promotions that will go on all year!! First, for every $150 you spend at CTM in 2011, you will receive a discount code for the shop! This is our great new customer loyalty program! I will keep track of your purchases and when you hit $150, I will send you a code! Also, if you refer a friend and they make a purchase, you will receive a discount code!! Lots of great ways to save at CTM in 2011!! No limit so refer all your friends!!

We also are going to have something really fun going on here every Friday! So you are going to want to set your calendar to make sure you check us out every Friday (really you should be checking everyday)!!! :) Every Friday, I will post a deal of the weekend! This will be a super special deal good for that weekend only! You won't want to miss it! So be sure to check this out Friday!! And don't forget to get involved in our facebook page and forum!! I told you there was a lot going on here! But it is all so fun!! Hope you had a great 1/1/11!!

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