Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Echo Park Love and a Question!

Echo Park has 3 sure to be fabulous lines coming out at CHA. 2 of which ship Feb 7..which is very soon! I only have logos but I thought you might like a little sneaky peeky...

For the Record..ships Feb 7

Springtime also ships Feb 7

And their summer line which will also include chipboard, brads, and 6 by 6 paper. This one ships in April.

Just a taste, I know! As soon as I get more, you will see them, trust me!! Okay here is the question, I'm assuming I'll buy at least some of everything Echo Park for the store, because it usually sells out. In terms of For the Record, would you be more interested in seeing bits and pieces in a kit or having the collection pack. I know a lot of you like having the collection packs, because really every sheet of Echo Park is amazing!! But let me know! I personally think I want every single sheet in the For the Record kit!! So let me know, if you think you would be more likely to buy the Collection kits or a kit with some papers from the line in it! I know I have sold out of every collection kit I have ordered from them!! Hopefully more to come soon!! Thanks for checking in again!! Enjoy! And sorry if there are a hundred typos, I'm typing really fast one handed, while holding Emma!!


  1. love the colors in the "for the record". can't wait to see the other lines.

  2. LOVEEEEEE mer some echo park!!!!!!!

  3. Can't wait for "for the record"! I like the collection packs because I like to have all the paper. I am a paper addict! Thanks for supporting my addiction!

  4. Collection pack for sure - this one is incredible!

  5. oh, that is so pretty! Thanks for the peek!